A Kenyan Caregiver dilemma: Snake in the house-what would you do?


A Kenyan lady who is a consultant caregiver with a certain Agency got a new assignment to take care of an elderly person in a private home. She reported for duty and upon arrival, she was met by one of the family member who proceeded to show her around and introduce her to the rest of the family who were present.

As soon as she finished introducing those present, she noticed one missing and she called out ROGER!! .Seconds later, a big snake slithered down the stairs and you can image what the Kenyan lady did. She took off like a bullet and did not even wait to pick her hand bag. The next stop was in her house and after catching her breath, she called the family and asked her to mail her handbag to her.

Her instruction now to the hiring Agency, No pets’ especially snakes.

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