Revealed: Had Makaburi “death squad” succeeded, 5000 Kenyans would be dead by now

The three planned Al-Shabaab terror attacks on major installations in Mombasa, among them the Moi International Airport, Likoni Ferry and Nakummatt Likoni Branch, were aimed at maximizing casualties with a targeted number being not less than 5, 000 people.

However, the plan started falling apart after the ATPU with the help of America’s FBI intercepted a bobby trapped vehicle with dangerous explosives which was headed for the Likoni Ferry.

According to Intelligence reports, the attacks would have been sequential and near-simultaneous. The first to be hit would have been the airport, where the terrorists had planned to storm the airport’s security gates shortly before 2 am with a suicide commando team before detonating a vehicle packed with explosives at International Arrival terminal.

The target was as group of over 300 foreign nationals on board two morning international flights and other casualties. The second target was Likoni Ferry, where terrorists planned to detonate a 4×4 packed vehicle with explosives by remote control as the ferry was amid the channel.

The attack was planned to coincide with the morning rush-hour when the ferry would have been packed with close to 4, 000 people. The third one was the Likoni Branch of Nakummatt Supermarket, where the target was maximum casualties.

The attacks were aimed at instilling fear among Kenyans and foreigners and could be the reason why Sheikh Makaburi was killed yesterday.

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