Video:Andrew Kaggia Designs Kenya’s First 3D Video Game


If you are a gamer you had better gear up as you will soon be able to “battle” right in the streets of Nairobi. Kenyan programmer Andrew Kaggia has come up with yet another huge project.

Andrew has designed a Kenyan 3D action video game which will embrace international features but localize environments. Instead of fighting in some street in Boston or New York, you will be shooting at an enemy along Koinange Street.

This is not the first time Andrew has defied limits of local animation, he was the brains behind Kenya’s version of Transformers “Wageuzi”. It was only a matter of time before he did something mind blowing, and he has done it. Andrew got the attention of CNN covered his story on Wageuzi, an animation feature.

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Gaming has been catching on in Kenya’s entertainment scene and this programmer has proved to the international gaming community of the gaming talents Kenya has. Kaggia is a Nairobi-based 3D animator working on commercials and TV shows.

His success in animation has definitely put the spotlight on Kenya’s burgeoning animation scene. It’s also acted as an example of what can be achieved when talent meets hard work. What is mind boggling is that Andrew’s skills in 3D animation are self

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