Kenyan Celebs Who Were Polygamous Before Uhuru Allowed It


Former Kiss 100′s Big Breakfast co-host Walter Mong’are AKA Baby J Nyambs got his share of blame for apparently taking the civilization as a whole a hundred years back in time. Reason for such talk? Nyambane had come out to tell the whole world that Linda Muthama is his package number two.

Some quarters met the pronouncement with rational arguments some, most definitely they were men, applauded the move, pointing out that its better to do it in the open than go around living two parallel lives.

Talking to lifestyle magazine ‘True Love‘, Linda did not mince any words and came out guns blazing stating that Nyambane as the love of her life and that She was proud being his second wife. “I am aware that he is a married man and I respect that. His wife and kids are my close friends and they understand that I am part of him. We talk a lot with his wife.”

She made it clear that neither her nor the comedian were “clandes”, “Walter is not a mpango wa kando. Our relationship is deeper than that. I’m his friend and girlfriend everything put in a box. He understands me beyond any other man.”

Former Garsen MP, one time minister and current KPA chairperson Danson Mungatana was also ahead of his time when Beauty queen, Cecilia Mwangi also proudly proclaimed to be his second wife. “As long as he is taking care of the other family, I am OK,” she said “If he considered abandoning them for me then that would be the end of us.” Cecilia said that it’s  been five years since their marriage and they’re growing strong.

cecilia mungatana

cecilia mungatana

She attributed her coming out to Tusker Project Fame runners up, Linda Muthama.

The anti jigger ambassador has no qualms being in a polygamous relationship. She believes that Africans should embrace their culture “We must embrace our African culture; People must stop demonising second wives because we are not bad people.”

Now that the occupant of the house on the hill has acknowledged polygamy, we can only wait and see how many celebs will open up and show us their other packages… Bigamy is still an offence in Kenya so ladies hold your horse right there.
Internationally, Akon leads the pack with four wives. One of his girlfriends, a potential wife, walked out on him after she learnt his fourth wife had just given birth to his fifth child.


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