EXCLUSIVE: How I Joined Kenya Police – Fake Cop Waiganjo

EXCLUSIVE: How I Joined Kenya Police - Fake Cop Waiganjo
EXCLUSIVE: How I Joined Kenya Police – Fake Cop Waiganjo

The allegedly fake cop – has claimed that he earned his way into the Kenya Police Reserve by operating a taxi outside Kitale Police Station at the turn of the millennium.

Waiganjo, who is doing time in the Naivasha Maximum Security Prison, has written two books – The Corridors of Power and Glimpse of Hope – in which he narrates his life story and the circumstances of his arrest.

In The Corridors of Power, Waiganjo says as a taxi driver he made the acquittance of many cops.

Before that, he had had a brief stint in the National Youth Service, worked as a shop attendant, handcart pusher, watchman and tout.

He dropped out of school at Form Two.

“I usually parked the car at the gate to the station. To me it was a strategic point, since those who came in and out of the station, including policemen, became part of my reliable customers,” he says.

Waiganjo says he enjoyed driving the cops around and developed a close relationship with a senior sergeant in the KPR, who guided him on how to join the force.

He says he applied to join the KPR in May 2000, and got his letter of appointment on August 2, 2000, signed by the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Administration at the Rift Valley Provincial Police Headquarters, Nakuru.

“I was not only appointed a KPR but I was straightaway ranked as an inspector,” he says.

He was immediately supplied with a police uniform, gun and ammunition. He does not explain how he acquired gun use/handling expertise. He took up his new job with gusto, reading FBI manuals in the evenings, spending most of his time memorizing the photos of wanted men.

He claims almost all the people who lived in Kitale between 2000 and 2003 knew him as he patrolled the streets “like nobody’s business”. His reputation was such that criminals collapsed in a heap upon seeing him, so swell-known was his marksmanship.

On May 29, 2003, he was promoted to an Assistant Commissioner of police in a letter signed by former Rift Valley PPO Peter Kimanthi and reproduced in the book.

It reads in part: “Due to your exemplary dedication to duty, I hereby appoint you ACP Police Reservist. You are to oversee activities of all police reservists in Northern Rift, especially Kapenguria in West Pokot, Kitale and Nakuru.”

Waiganjo claims he leased land in Kitale and farmed maize, made millions and invested the returns in the transport sector.

He claims that by 2011 he had working capital of Sh250 million.

Waiganjo sensationally blames an unnamed politician for the Baragoi Massacre of 2012, in which 42 policemen were killed by tribal gunmen. He accuses senior police officers in Rift Valley of sending poorly-prepared juniors to the dangerous area, “while they remained in bars drinking beer”.

Source- the-star.co.ke


EXCLUSIVE: How I joined Kenya Police – fake cop Waiganjo

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