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Apply by June 10, 2014.
2.      Duration: June 15 to Sept 15, 2014, with opportunity to extend.
3.      Location: Work from home, with supervision and mentorship by a global Board of Trustees in various professions.
4.      Eligibility: Must be a diaspora Kenyan
5.      Benefits: Non-paying. Interns leave with great recommendations, experience growing a non-profit, excellent connections, and inspired towards public service, diplomacy and organizational management.
6.      Interns are directly answerable to the KCA Board of Trustees.
7.      Contact: Send your resume and cover letter to:-
Attn: KCA Board of Trustees, in**@ke***********.org cc: Mkawasi Mcharo Hall, mk*****@ya***.com
1.      Communications and Public Relations Intern
1.      Writing communication briefs to KCA members and larger diaspora
2.      Drafting and sending organization’s press releases to KCA members and larger diaspora
3.      Publishing the organization’s monthly or bi-monthly newsletter
4.      Blogging
5.      Growing and maintaining KCA’s membership database
6.      Maintaining KCA’s social media accounts: facebook, twitter and YouTube
1.      Savvy in using social media for social-political causes
2.      Good command of the English language, in writing and speech
3.      Command of Kiswahili is an added advantage
4.      Good knowledge of Kenya’s socio-political issues and current affairs
5.      Good networking skills
6.      An understanding of issues affecting diaspora
2.      Executive Director Intern
1.      Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising
2.      Meeting with envoys, policymakers and other diaspora leaders
3.      Developing and implementing KCA’s flagship projects
4.      Attending project-related and policy meetings on behalf of KCA
5.      Building bridges with other diaspora organizations
6.      Attracting new  and high-target KCA membership
1.      On-going studies in the relevant field, e.g., Organizational Management OR great interest in working in the leadership of a nonprofit organization.
2.      Deep interest and enthusiasm in diaspora matters and Kenyan current affairs
3.      Enthusiasm in attracting resources and accomplishing project goals
4.       Good communication skills, both writing and speech
5.      A team-builder, peace-maker in difficult times and a decisive leader
KCA flagship projects:
The selected candidates will help to reinvigorate the organization through implementing and maintaining KCA’s flagship projects. These include: KCA Excellence Award, KCA Annual General Meeting and KCA Nyumbani Children’s Christmas Fund. Others are the Kenya Presidential Debates Institute, still in its formative stage.
Executive Director Intern will help the BoT in maintaining and initiating partnerships. KCA believes in project-based partnerships with like-minded organizations to help achieve common goals. It is partner to the Partnership League for Africa’s Development (PLAD), an association of African diaspora leaders; and Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA), a federation of Kenya diaspora organizations. The
Diaspora Diplomacy:
KCA seeks to renew and grow a robust field of Diaspora Diplomacy and Advocacy with our envoys and policy makers in Washington DC and beyond, towards meeting the aspirations of the greater diaspora and the development of Kenya.
KCA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), in good standing, registered in Washington, DC and Rhode Island.

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