British parents fight to stop Kenyan man’s deportation

Kenyan man who lost two appeals against being sent back to Kenya was on Tuesday the subject of a protest at West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

Parents at Lady Hastings School in Collingham, where Portas Ongondo works as a caretaker, staged a demonstration “to raise the profile of his case.”

A statement on the ITV news website said Mr Ongondo, 55, faces deportation after his marriage broke down. His residency in the UK was dependent on his wife but now they are separated.

He has lived in the UK for the past eight years after the British government allowed him to live there as a dependant spouse.


During his tenure at the United Nations office in Kenya, Mr Ongondo would frequently travel to the UK to support his wife, who worked as a nurse, theWetherby News reported.

“Portas arrived in the UK in 2006, along with his three sons, Emmanuel, 19, Gerald, 22 and Sylvester, 25,” the newspaper reported.

His applications to stay excluded his relationship with his children as they are not recognised as “dependants” by law.

A Home Office spokesman said: “All applications are considered on their individual merits and in line with the immigration rules,” the paper said said.

Three months ago, some members of the West Yorkshire community launched an online petition to secure the right for Mr Ongondo to remain in the UK.

By Tuesday afternoon, the petition had gathered 388 signatures.

Portas Ongondo, who works at Lady Hasting School in Collingham, a village in West Yorkshire in United Kingdom.

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