Now we know empty talkers, President Uhuru says of referendum

MOMBASA: The referendum debate gives an opportunity for Kenyans to distinguish between honest leaders and those seeking selfish political glory, President Uhuru Kenyatta today said.

The President said the debate exposes those who have made it a habit to engage in constant politics instead of working for Kenyans.

“We will know those who work and those who talk,” he said when he addressed residents of Changamwe, Mombasa, on his way to the Moi International Airport.

He reiterated his position that Kenya will gain nothing from a referendum at this point but added that those calling for it have a democratic right to do so.

“I do not want a referendum myself but the Constitution gives them the right to ask for it,” he said in reference to those pushing for a referendum.

The President said there is no need for politicians to constantly engage in political exchanges because elections are over and the next elections are still far.

“Work for the people instead of throwing words at each other every day,” he said.

He called on the opposition to save their energy for 2017 when the next elections will be held.

The President said work on upgrading the Changamwe Airport Road will be commissioned within this year.

“The road works will begin before the end of the year so that locals and visitors to Mombasa can enjoy easier transportation,” he said.

The Head of State called on Kenyans to be vigilant against those perpetrating terrorism and claiming to be Muslims.

He said Islam, like any other religion, does not preach violence and terrorism.

“Islam is not terrorism. These are lies. There is no religion that preaches the killing of people. All religions are for peace,” he said.

He called on people from all religions to unite to defeat terrorism in Kenya as well as other parts of the world.

“Let us look for the criminals irrespective of their religion and tribe,” he said.

The President won the admiration of Changamwe residents when he stopped the police from restraining a man from the crowd who wanted to come forward and talk with the Head of State.

The man – who said he works in the Matatu industry – got almost five minutes to explain his concerns to the President amid cheering from the excited crowds.

The man walked away smiling broadly apparently for talking with the President without an appointment.

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