Referendum call part of endless politics that has held Kenya back,

KaruaNAIROBI, 13 Aug 2014 (PSCU) – The calls for a referendum are part of the
endless politics that has held the country back, President Uhuru Kenyatta
said today.

Saying the new Constitution has just started to take root, President
Kenyatta said a referendum is not the answer to the teething problems that
may be experienced as a result of the new law.

He told those clamouring for a referendum on the Constitution: “I want to
be clear. We are not against anybody or anything, but we cannot continue
in a cycle of never ending talk and politics.”

“There is no need for us to endlessly squabble over things that do not add
value to our country. We have politicked for the last 20 years and all we
have achieved is marking time while other countries have moved forward,”
he said.

The President added that Kenyans worked diligently for the new
Constitution and it is not fair that the same is changed even before its
fruits are ripe.

He urged governors to utilize the resources allocated to them for the
benefit of Kenyans before asking for more from the national Government.

The President asked the leaders to direct public resources to improving
service delivery at the county and growing the economy instead clamouring
for a referendum while they cannot show what they have done with what they
have already been allocated.

“Let us be focused and use what we have properly. Let us grow our economy
and by so doing we will also grow the resources available for us to
provide even better services to the people of this republic,” he said.

The President spoke today in Nairobi when he launched the Government’s
electronic procurement and payment system.

On e-procurement, the President said all public agencies and institutions
–including public universities and parastatals – must be on the system by
December this year.

“They are part of Government. Therefore, they must be part and parcel of
this system. Transparency is not just for ministries but all public
institutions,” the President said.

He emphasized that through e-procurement, the public must be informed when
a tender or a contract is awarded and who won the tender to eliminate the
avenues through which Government resources are misappropriated.

The President was emphatic that the e-procurement system is “here to stay”
and warned public servants against trying to frustrate it.

“Go and make your money from outside, but we will not allow you to use
your position in Government to frustrate processes so that you can make
money – NO. Transparency is no longer a choice –transparency from today is
a requirement of every single public servant,” President Kenyatta said.

Other speakers included Deputy President William Ruto and Cabinet
Secretaries Anne Waiguiru and Henry Rotich.

By Kazungu Chai

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