Invest In Kenya: Short Term Investment Opportunities

Are you a Kenyan in the Diaspora? What is it you miss the most about home?

We had a chat with a couple of Kenyan friends abroad and they told us some of the things that top what they miss about home. This included but not limited to; Food – like tea – ketepa, coffee, royco, nyama choma, ugali, farmers’ choice, chapati, mandazi, snacks – the taste is just different; People – they are warm, friendly and welcoming; the language – the fact once you land, you can speak in Swahili and someone understands. They say this with so much passion and conviction, “East or West, home is best”.

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Besides missing things back at home, most Kenyans in the Diaspora look to invest their hard earned cash in ventures that would provide a viable return. Amazingly, quite a couple of Kenyans in the Diaspora belong to an investment group that collects money on a monthly basis and this money needs to be invested. Below find some of the short term investment opportunities available in Kenya:

  • Invest in the robust Nairobi Stock exchange which offers stocks and shares at different prices. Open an account today with Genghis Capital, A subsidiary of Chase Bank and start buying and selling Shares.
  • Place the available funds in a fixed deposit account. The fixed deposit accounts allows you to set aside a sum of money for a predetermined period ranging from 1-12 months to enable you earn interest on the amounts. This is very attractive to Kenyans in the Diaspora since the foreign banks offer very low interest rates on fixed deposit accounts.
  • Depending on the composition of the members of the groups i.e. women or youth, the group can register and take part in the government tendering process to offer goods and services at a premium.
  • Treasury bills – short term obligation backed by the government which matures in less than 52 weeks. Ideally, T-bills are sold at a discount from the face value. On maturity, the bill is sold at face value. The difference between the purchase price and face value is the interest. It’s currently at 8.45%p.a.
  • Trading – The investment group can identify products/ goods which are not readily available in Kenya and they can supply the same for sale. The group can identify the area of expertise of the members and choose a niche market, and supply the suitable product. For example, selling car seats to mothers with babies, providing security equipment to the government or the existing security firms especially with the rising terrorist attacks and scares etc.

Our Diaspora team, who you can reach via email on [email protected], is well equipped to offer you the platform to start your journey in identifying & taking up short term investment opportunities.

What are some of the other quick wins (short term opportunities) when it comes to investing back at home? What is it that matters to you most, as an individual and as an investment group?

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