AES Foods For Paddy’s Farmers Choice Gourmet Sausages

AES Foods For Paddys Farmers Choice Gourmet Sausages
AES Foods For Paddy’s Farmers Choice Gourmet Sausages

A.E.S. Foods is one of the leaders in lamb, goat and beef supply in the United States region. When you purchase meats and Paddy’s Farmers Choice Gourmet sausages, you can be assured that you are getting the finest quality coupled with great customer service.

A.E.S. Foods is proud of the strong relationship built with valued customers over time since it’s inception in 2005. These relationships have been central in development of the business.

Our customer’s longevity demonstrates our ability to consistently supply quality products fitting diverse market requirements; including ethnic markets. Thank you for considering us your choice supplier and business partner. Feel free to contact us with any queries through our contact us page.


A.E.S. Foods has worked hard since 2007 to bring you the best Farmers Choice Sausages with a distinctive taste.  We now have Paddy’s Farmers Choice sausages in two flavors and different tastes; pork or beef. These sausages have been professionally made and are available fresh or frozen packed in vacuum containers; their price is affordable.


These sausages are premium made with only the finest lean cuts of meat, be it pork or beef. We also use the best ingredients combined with our secret recipe. If you are looking for the best sausages ever, look no further! You’ve found it, Paddy’s Farmers Choice Sausages.

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AES Foods For Paddy’s Farmers Choice Gourmet Sausages

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