Dead Beat Kenya Founder is a Dead Beat Dad, At Least According to His Wife (Audio)


Dead beatThis is another case of a the pot calling the kettle black if at all Cecelia, Jackson Njeru’s wife allegations are what to go by. Cecilia claims that she learned about Dead Beat Kenya like three weeks ago and then reached out to Jackson to remind him that he’s a dead beat too. Jackson then said he’ll start supporting her and the kid by paying school fees which he’s never paid.

On the other hand, Jackson said that he supports the child even though he’s never seen the child. (Isn’t that just Weird?). Anyway the mother of the child who’s currently in Dubai said Jackson had promised to marry her and even introduced her to his family, but when he learned that she was pregnant with his kid, he went missing.

Anyway, I’m not Judge Kwarula, I am just another ratchet person so I won’t judge. You listen to the conversation with the wife and be the judge.Audio below.

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