11th Hour for Betty Bayo as Rogue Husband Victor Kanyari is Exposed Again


If there’s someone having a worse day than ‘Prophet’ Victor Kanyari, it must be his wife Betty Bayo.

Betty is a renowned gospel singer, with her song 11th Hour being the most popular yet. After Kanyari was exposed the first time by NTV, attention shifted to his wife, and it has done the same this time following the Jicho Pevu exposé yesterday.

A few months ago, Betty came to the defense of her husband saying that the donations he asks for are for paying the huge TV and Radio bills. However, from what we saw yesterday, a lot of false witnesses are involved and Kanyari is anything but a man of God.

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He personally coaches his employees on how to give their false testimony for both TV and Radio. The radio session is quite interesting because he pretends to be speaking to a caller, who is actually a person in the same room.

I refuse to believe that Betty has not known all along that her husband is rogue, and see no reason why she should be taken seriously as a gospel artist too. Actually I don’t see why we should take seriously anything or anyone who recognizes her as a gospel artist. Her husband is exactly a false, last days prophet as described by the Bible, and Betty Bayo is most likely an accessory.

The Bible aside, Kanyari is a criminal who should be prosecuted for using false pretense to defraud Kenyans and also for defaulting on taxes.


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