VIDEO: Moha Jicho Pevu Speaks Fluent Kikuyu To Blast BBI

VIDEO: Moha Jicho Pevu Speaks Fluent Kikuyu To Blast BBI

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali has showcased his multilingual ability when he addressed the media following the arrest of Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria on Friday, January 10.

Accompanied by Kiharu lawmaker Ndindi Nyoro, Moha alleged that Kuria was arrested for his stance on the Building Building Initiative report, rather than an assault accusation.

Speaking in fluent Kikuyu, former Jicho Pevu journalist claimed that Kuria’s preference that leaders tackle issues related to agriculture resulted in his arrest.

VIDEO: Moha Jicho Pevu Speaks Fluent Kikuyu To Blast BBI
Deputy President William Ruto and Jubilee leaders are addressed by Mohammed Ali at St Martins ACK Kahawa Wendani on June 3, 2019.

“Moses Kuria was never arrested for allegedly beating up a woman, he was arrested for speaking about the BBI. He tried to tell the government to prioritise coffee, milk and other urgent matters affecting the country,” Moha alleged.

He challenged that Kenyans would be willing to embrace solutions to the problems they currently face rather than attend consultative meetings pertaining to the BBI report.

Moha critiqued the essence of convening a forum to discuss the report at the expense of suffering citizens.

“And this is what we want to hear, not about the BBI where you are spending over Ksh10 billion and our children are not going to school,” Moha advised.

“You are here telling us a 27-page document cost Ksh10 billion. We want to talk about the country, food security and work for our youth and they keep telling us childish stories,” he complained.

This wasn’t the first time the Nyali legislator showcased his multilingual skills.

On June 3, 2019, the Nyali legislator stunned Kenyans when he addressed a congregation at St Martins ACK Kahawa Wendani Church in Kikuyu.

When he rose to speak and introduced himself in the dialect, the audience was amused, bearing the fact that he is from Mombasa.



VIDEO: Moha Jicho Pevu Speaks Fluent Kikuyu To Blast BBI

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