Video:The CORD Opposition is also to blame for Insecurity


The face of a credible opposition in Kenya is fading and this is because the opposition is only concentrating on criticizing the govt without offering any ideas or solutions to the challenges facing the Kenyan people . Take an example of insecurity in our country-the only thing you have heard from the CORD coalition is only criticism… criticism… criticism with no solid ideas or solutions on how we can sort the situation…The CORD coalition claims to be the alternative govt and they should behave like one by telling the public what they could have done faced with the same situation plus being leaders mean being selfless and offering solutions more than just criticizing so as to be seen to be relevant . The opposition is part of the Kenyan leadership and therefore they should play a big part of offering solutions and ideas to the challenges facing us … We are no longer in the 90s where just criticizing the govt seemed fashionable!! The traditional approach of the opposition is to criticize and keep a govt on its toes but we can add to this by offering ideas and solutions!! Raila Odinga , Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Associates its a high time you shape up!

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