Video:What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up


Have you ever been driving through a fog so thick you could hardly see despite full lights? What to do?

Well, you either pull up for a while till the fog clears, or you drive REAL slow.

Eyes glued to the road. Ears attentive to the traffic updates. In your mind’s eye you see your destination. Focusing on the journey, mile by mile. And not on the fog.

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You wouldn’t give up ever getting to your destination, or quit driving forever because of a temporary setback like a fog would you?

Yet sometimes in the journey of life things can get so foggy and dark we are tempted to quit and give up on our dreams. We can´t see the goal because we focus on the fog.

Some examples of fogs in life can be doubt, fear and despair. A broken marriage, aching loneliness. A wayward child or death of a loved one. Sickness and losing a job. A failed business or even aging parents can be very distressing, slowing us down as we try to cope. Or bringing us to a standstill. Foggy days can leave us disoriented. Causing us to wonder if or when the dark fog will ever clear. Or how we can ever go on when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

But there´s always hope.


Because even the flicker of a matchstick flame brings light in a pitch dark room. I know there is always hope because God has seen me through some pretty thick fogs. So hear me when I tell you; giving up on your dreams is never an option. The key is to keep the switch of faith turned on. Just as you would have your lights on when driving through a fog…

On episode # 9 part 1 – I share an encouraging real life story of a woman who didn´t give up despite a solid wall of fog and the temptation to give up on her dreams.

Tune in and discover what to do when discouraged and temped to give up, and how you can finish 2014 strong irrespective of any fogs you may be going through.

Then be sure to watch out for part 2 on “How to deal with the fogs of life.”

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