Businessman issues 14-day notice to Weston Hotel owner to return ‘grabbed’ airport land


weston HotelNairobi businessman Jacob Juma has written to Weston Hotel Director Patrick Osero over the alleged grabbing of two pieces of public land.

In the letter through his lawyer Anyegah Ondieki on Monday, Juma demanded that Osero hand over the land on which the hotel stands to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

The property is located along Lang’ata road opposite Wilson Airport.

In a separate letter to Renton Company, Juma gave Osero notice to relocate a police station built on a piece of land which he claims belongs to Nairobi County.

He claims in the letter that Osero acquired the two pieces of land between 2001 and 2002.

On Weston hotel, he said: “Between the year of 2001 and 2002 you illegally obtained public land originally owned by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority along Langata Road opposite Wilson Airport adjacent to Langata Road Primary School, better particulars of which are within your knowledge. That in furthering your fraud, you have unlawfully purported to construct a hotel on the said property.”

Juma gave Osero 14 days to return the allegedly illegal title of the hotel land failure to which he will have it cancelled and returned to KCAA.

Regarding the county property, he said: “We shall mobilise the people to repossess this land without further reference to you if it is not returned within the 14-day period.”

On his Twitter handle Juma said the Constitution empowers him to “seek remedy where there is infringement of a public right.”

When contacted for a response to the allegations, Osero said he had not received the notices and that he had no comment.


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