Kenya: Five-year old narrates to grandmother her defilement ordeal


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Are our girls safe? Girls, as young as five years, are losing their virginity to defilers who are full-grown men, who that after the inhumane action threaten their victims with death to make sure they remain quiet.

This despicable state of affairs was revealed by Lari area police boss Alfred Makoma after a five-year-old was defiled in Kimende.

Officer in Charge of Police Division (OCPD) Makoma confirmed the incident and said cases of defilement were rampant in Kimende citing moral degradation of young men in the area.

I ask the young men living in Kimende area to stop defiling the young girls because these cases are increasing by the day, and destroying the innocent lives of girls,” he said.

The recent case of defilement of a five-year old happened at Matathia village in Kimende.

The girl was a nursery school pupil preparing to join primary school next year.

She was defiled by David Mbugua, 25, a neighbour.

She was living with her grandmother who when bathing her noticed her private parts were looking unusual and when touched, whe would wince in pain.

The grandmother asked the girl what happened to her since her private parts were painful, but the girl adamantly refused to tell her.

I can’t tell you because if I do I will be killed and my body thrown in a pit latrine,” the little girl replied.

However, the grandmother pressed her to tell what had happened to her promising that no harm would befall her.

It was Mbugua who tied me with a handkerchief on my mouth and nose, and did bad manners to me down there,” she revealed.

The grandmother reported the incident at Kimende police post and the search for the accused began.

Later, the police captured the accused who was in hiding. He is now in police custody awaiting arraignment in court to answer to charges of defilement.

By Anne Njeri Kanina:HTBLuff Associates. An EMG Consortium. #HTBLuff/Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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