Raila and Ruto trade harsh words over graft, DP tells Cord to shut up about corruption


Deputy President William Ruto has told Cord leaders to “shut up” and let the government deal with corruption.

Ruto said the accusation from the opposition that the government is not serious about the fight against corruption was insincere.

He was speaking at the African Inland Church  Missionary College in Eldoret town during Sunday Service.

Ruto said the constitution was clear on the bodies responsible for the fight against corruption saying the work of the government was also  spelt out in the constitution.

He said it is surprising that Cord is accusing the Jubilee government of corruption yet the bodies charged with dealing with graft were formed during the coalition government when members of the opposition were in power.

“ I mean some of these institutions fighting corruption at the moment were set up during the time when our colleagues in the opposition were in power. They should not give us lectures and instead shut up as we are cleaning their mess,” Ruto said.

He said the government has deployed enough resources to support those charged with fighting against corruption and ensure management of public resources. He said there is no way the government can interfere with the operations of these bodies.

The Deputy President said some of the corruption allegations have been made against members of the opposition stating that it should put its house in order before criticizing the government.

“ Those in the opposition should first search their souls before accusing us, he said.

Ruto further warned corrupt public officials that the government would not defend them saying they will be held responsible for their own actions.

“ As a government we are clear on our mandate. Public servants must know that they would be held responsible to account for resources under their watch,” Ruto said.

His statement comes after Cord leader Raila Odinga on Saturday told President Uhuru Kenyatta to rein those he was close to within the government who are engaged in corruption.

Raila said the country was almost going to the dogs due to high level corruption saying that the public are in despair about the future of the country.

“We are in a crisis since corruption has gone the highest notch in this country,”said Raila.

He said there is rot in all corners of the government.

Raila said Uhuru should crack the whip on individuals within his inner circle to end corruption that has has invaded sensitive government institutions.

He said the government, Ethics and Anti Corruption, judiciary and parliament as some of the key institutions that have orchestrated corruption at the expense of acting as watch dogs on management of public resources.

He described EACC as an institution being used by the government to broker corruption in the guise of acting against the vice adding that parliament on its part rubber stamps the corrupt deals.

Raila was speaking on Saturday during the burial of the late Barack Odera Odinge,Uhundha village,Got Agulu Sub Location,Siaya County.

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