Cheating Wife Gives Birth To Chinese Baby


chinese-baby-cHAMBISHIWonders they say shall never end. A married woman from Kitwe, Bulangililo in Zambia displayed another strange act by cheating on her husband. The act eventually leads to the birth of a baby with Asian look and characteristics. Some neighbors of the couple in question suspects that Eunice Kalyolyo, 22, the wife of Chewe Kalyolyo, a busdriver, 26 years, might have stolen the baby. insists she gave birth to the Chinese babyfollowing the pregnancy from her Chinese former Boss.

Bright and Anywhere had tried for three years to have a child of their own and were unsuccessful and it took the Chinese ‘lover’ just one night to hit the jackpot.

Eunice confessed that she cheated with a Chinese man who was her boss at Grinaker Construction where she still works. The Chinese man at the centre of the storm was only identified as Lung Fanlihong and is believed to have fled to Zimbabwe after he was confronted by Kalyolyo’s relatives baying for his blood.

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