Incredible:What The Secret Service Did in Nairobi Last Week

Secret Service agents await the arrival of U.S. Presidential candidate Obama in DurhamEarly this month, former US President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea were in town. As is custom with former US Presidents, they are accorded protection by the US Secret Service.

There’s a story about his secret service detail in Nairobi that went largely unreported in the local press. No.. it’s not about their usual wild night outs, but a rather philanthropic tale.

The agency’s counter-assault team (CAT) was doing advance work at Farasi Lane Primary School in Lower Kabete, ahead of Clinton and daughter’s visit. The Washington Post reports that the mean looking agents noticed some kids in the yard kicking around an empty milk jug.

Warmed by the sight, these tough guys went into town and purchased brand new soccer balls. They did not want credit for their act, so they gave the gifts to Clinton’s permanent detail to deliver to the school’s headmaster.

Clinton heard of his agents goodwill and asked to meet the football-playing kids, perhaps to tell them where the gift really came from.


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