Kenya’s Security And Intelligence Service, US Secret Service Plan For President Barack Obama Visit

Kenya’s security and intelligence services in co-ordination with the United States Secret Service- the American agency charged with protecting US presidents have security measures already in place to ensure top security during President Barack Obama’s visit in Kenya on 25th July 2015.

Security Measures in Place

Most of preparations already in place are classified and strictly intelligence for security purposes. However, key to note by the public are the following groundings

  • There is an immense increase in number of police officers in Kenya’s capital. Police officers all over the country will remain alert amid the event.
  • US Secret Service agents and at least 1,000 security officers from Kenyan security units have already been deployed.
  • At least 800 US agents are expected to be in Nairobi for the duration of President Obama’s visit. 
  • 2,000 officers, who will be directly involved in providing security.
  • Another 10,000 officers will play peripheral roles such as traffic and crowd control in parts of the city before and during the visit.
  • A special team from the Kenya Air Force will be on standby, alongside eight marine and three military helicopters to provide air support.
  • Already, Obama’s motorcade of seven cars is in Kenya including a Cadillac known as The Beast. All the vehicles are heavily armored to provide security.

Kenya’s security personnel are already undertaking sessions to train the US security satellites on major roads in the city.

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