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Cyprian Nyakund
Popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. PHOTO | COURTESY

An embarrassing audio recording has emerged online capturing how two social media bigwigs attempted to extort millions of shillings from Bidco Oil Refineries as a condition to retrieve a series of tweets and blog articles that had allegedly exposed corruption and land grabbing in the company.

The recording captures a conversation in which a blogger with a huge following on Twitter commits to deleting all negative content in exchange for Sh50 million.

The deal was brokered by radio presenter Christian Dela, popularly known as Xtian Dela, on behalf of blogger Cyprian Nyakundi.

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The recording has caused an uproar over the integrity of Twitter bigwigs who use their large following to peddle influence on politicians and corporate organisations.

Early this month, Nairobi News had exclusively revealed how another popular blogger Robert Alai had routinely been asking for financial favours from Nairobi Governor in exchange for spearheading public relations campaigns on his behalf on social media.

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In the new recording, Xtian Dela is heard negotiating with a representative of Bidco limited for a Sh50 million payoff as a condition for the negative articles and tweets to be erased.

The Bidco representative can be heard stating that the amount is too much. Xtian goes on to tell him that after negotiating with Nyakundi on phone, he had agreed to take between Sh15 to 20 million.

During the conversation, Xtian even calls Nyakundi and puts him on loudspeaker to commit that if the said amount is paid he would delete all content and desist from posting any negative comments either with his official or pseudo accounts.


After the commitment is obtained from Nyakundi, the Bidco representative insists that the company has nothing to hide and would not pay the blogger any amount.

Moments after the conversation had gone viral online, Nyakundi, in his defence, said; “Still waiting for Bidco & Vimal to respond to my part 1 – 20 Series. Hire the media and Twitter Bots to fight Me. Nyakundi remains unshaken.”

His followers were however not convinced.

Miriam replied stating, “@C_NyaKundiH Your series r interesting but after listening to the clip one doubts their authenticity. Confidence lost, cant blame us.”

Another user Tamunator @RamzZy tweeted that Nyakundi cant afford a lawyer for his Safaricom case and has been expelled from school.


To that Nyakundi came out guns blazing tweeting, “@RamzZy_ You sleep with your sisters but criticize Nyakundi over a fake Clip? LOL”

@RammZy went personal and stated, “@C_NyaKundiH Apologize for this tweet or I’m going to post the same email you were sent. You don’t know me or my sister.”

He went on to send two screen shots of alleged emails sent to Nyakundi with the hashtag #BidcoLand Grab, adding that the blogger was paid Sh8,000 to malign the company’s image.

Nyakundi has also been sued by Safaricom who claim that he defamed the company by posting baseless and unsubstantiated claims about the telco on his blog.


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