Mutahi Ngunyi in court to stop prosecution over ‘poverty-stricken Luos’ remarks


Mutahi NgunyiPolitical analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has filed a petition to stop his prosecution on allegations of hate speech.

Ngunyi said he was “apprehensive over the threat to his freedom and security” and urged the court to issue temporary orders to keep the NCIC, the Office of Public Prosecution, Director of Criminal Investigations, the Inspector General of Police and Attorney General from arresting him.

Certifying the application as urgent, Judge Joseph Onguto said the case will be heard on October 8.

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On Monday, Tobiko said Ngunyi had a case to answer following investigations by the NCIC, which determined that statements posted on Ngunyi’s Twitter account amounted to ethnic contempt.

Ngunyi was summoned to record a statement over a post on Twitter on August 19, in which he described Luos as “poverty-stricken”.

The probe into Ngunyi’s remarks were conducted despite his offering an apology to LSK chief executive Apollo Mboya, who filed the complaint with the NCIC.

He also said opposition leader Raila Odinga should be held accountable for the economic stagnation of the Luo-Nyanza region, while making comment in relation to the Kenya-Uganda sugar deal.


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