VIDEO: Firebrand Cate Waruguru officially joins DP Ruto’s UDA


VIDEO: Firebrand Cate Waruguru officially joins DP Ruto’s UDA

VIDEO: Firebrand Cate Waruguru officially joins DP Ruto’s UDALaikipia Woman Rep Catherine Waruguru has officially made the much-awaited announcement of her future political plans.

“From where I sit. My conversation with my generation, the generation of my fellow mothers and fathers. The generation of my grandfathers, tunalenga mbele na future kwa chama cha UDA,” Waruguru said.

While making the announcement on Saturday in Laikipia in a function, Waruguru said that she has held more meetings with the locals regarding the future political move, which ensured that she made the right decision.

“I have taken my time to interrogate my conscience and thoughts. I have taken my time to listen to the people of Laikipia. I have done not more than 300 sittings with people and delegates from different wards. I have also traveled, traverse to all corners of this area asking my people; in who’s hands is Kenya be safe? “

Waruguru added that she has not been motivated by the political parties, because political parties are the same.

“The question is not about the party. The question is, in whose hands is Kenya be safe?”

She said that she wants to be on the right side of history, after supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, which she said has delivered its promises.

Waruguru has asked DP Ruto to visit the county, in a function that she will be hosting.

“Honourable William Ruto, I want to join the people of Laikipia Country, and particularly the people of Laikipia East to invite you once more in Laikipia. Hosted by the Lioness of Laikipia, Mama Simba Cate Waruguru, to come and meet your people.”

She said that the ‘hustlers’ movement is unstoppable.

“And we are telling them that world that this movement is unstoppable. We are not talking about the third liberation. We are talking about the first-ever movement. The first-ever revolution. The industrial revolution, and economical revolution.”

Her announcement comes barely a week after she met with Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, and Malindi MP Aisha Juma who are close allies of the DP

The MP also said that the move to challenge the decision of the Court of Appeal in its ruling on the BBI was ill-advised and that even if the Supreme Court decides otherwise, time will not allow for the process to be completed as the country is preparing for the 2022 general elections.



VIDEO: Firebrand Cate Waruguru officially joins DP Ruto’s UDA

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