Popular Musician Chelele’s estranged husband arrested over her murder


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Popular Musician Chelele’s estranged husband arrested over her murder

Popular Musician Chelele's estranged husband arrested over her murder
Criminal Investigation Officers escorting Erick Musila husband to the late popular Kalenjin musician Diana Chemutai Musila into a police van outside Nakuru CID headquarters on January 13, 2015 after being arrested in Nakuru town. PHOTO: KIPSANG JOSEPH

NAKURU: Detectives have arrested the main suspect in the murder of popular Kalenjin musician Diana Chemutai Chelele—her estranged husband.

Police said Wednesday they lured Eric Musila from his hideout in a hotel in Nakuru and took him to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) offices in the town where he was grilled for hours.

The detectives said they have been reviewing Musila’s mobile phone communication since Chelele’s body was found dumped outside her house on Saturday morning in Kapkwen in Bomet County.

“He travelled from Nairobi on Tuesday January 5 to Kericho where the signals show he moved from one bar to another and kept on calling a number belonging to the deceased,” revealed a detective .

The officers said the calls and texts showed that Chelele joined Musila at a club in Kericho and their phones were switched off after some hours.

“It shows that the two met as phone signals pointed they were in the same place and after sometime the phones went off on Wednesday night,” he said.

This corroborates what Chelele’s friend, Damaris Chepkemoi, who had been hosting the musician in her house since January 1, told The Standard on Monday. Ms Chepkemoi said she left the house on Tuesday night after someone whom she did not disclose persistently called her via her mobile phone.

“We were going to sleep but she decided to leave after receiving the calls. She told us she would be back. That was the last time we saw her alive,” said Chepkemoi.

The detective said they suspect Chelele was killed between the time the phones went off on January 7 and January 9 when her body was discovered.

“The communication indicates that the suspect came into contact with the deceased on the night of January 6 and the murder took place thereafter,” said the detective.

The source further said Musila travelled back to Nakuru on Saturday January 9, the same day Chelele’s body was discovered in the morning.

“He has been staying in Section 58 all that time with a relative,” said the officer.

The detective said it was surprising that despite the suspect having heard about the murder of her wife, with whom they have two children, he did not bother to visit her family in Bomet.

“Musila must be having a hand in the murder because it does not add up for him not to go to view her body or console the family,” he said.

In 2012, Musila was accused and charged of murdering a 44-year-old Eldoret-based businessman on allegations that he was having an affair with Chelele.

Eliud Yego is alleged to have disappeared on March 30, 2012 and the remains of his badly mutilated body were found in Liten, Kericho County. The case is still ongoing.


Since then, Musila, a former police officer, has had family issues with Chelele after he took away their children from the musician.

Nakuru DCIO James Lelia told The Standard that after the arrest Wednesday police handed the suspect to their Bomet counterparts.

He said officers from Bomet and Nakuru were trying to unravel the mysterious murder of the songstress .

“CID officers from Bomet have been collaborating with those from Nakuru to trace the suspect who went into the hiding since the murder occurred,” said Lelia.

The DCIO said officers were following more leads to arrest other suspects behind the brutal murder.

“More investigations into the murder are vital because there seems to be a bigger chain that is yet to be established,” he said.

After discovery of Chelele’s body on Saturday, Bomet police boss Abel Sande said they suspected she was killed elsewhere and her body dumped outside her house.



Popular Musician Chelele’s estranged husband arrested over her murder

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