Video:Man who caned Raila claims Haki Africa did not sponsor his tumor treatment


LengoThe man who flogged Cord leader Raila Odinga has accused Haki Africa of failing to honour a promise to sponsor the treatment of a tumor in his left armpit.

Lengo Mdzomba also caned Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya after storming a rally at Kinango market in the county on September 29, 2014,

“Haki Africa took me to an office in Mombasa where I met someone but they did not take me to hospital for the treatment. I wish they did,” he told journalists in the county on Monday.

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Mdzomba was arrested after attacking the leaders but a Kwale court withdrew the assault charges after Raila and Mvurya forgave him.

But he was convicted on Monday of causing disturbance, before resident magistrate Christine Njagi, and released after paying a Sh5,000 fine.

Haki Africa official Francis Auma dismissed his claim of abandonment saying they have been in touch for a long time.

“We are the ones who paid the cash bail and have involved him in different activities in line with advocacy for peace,” he said.

Auma said the organisation’s aim was to ascertain Mdzomba’s mental state.

“Our doctor said the mental illness issue was not a big deal, that is when he started being counseled. We were not interested in the tumor,”  he said.

“We have all hospital documents to prove that we have taken him to hospital. We are happy the court case is over…he will continue to be our ambassador of peace.”

The human rights crusader urged Kenyans not to let politicians use them to cause chaos ahead of the 2017 general election.

“We are working with Mdzomba and youths to preach peace at the Coast. Our human rights and security work recognises that for lasting peace to be achieved, the community needs to be at the forefront and work with government entities,” he said.

He said Haki Africa is running a campaign to counter acts of electoral violence involving youths.

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