VIDEO:Uhuru reveals people who prevent him from visiting Central region

– Uhuru has been to a number of regions in the country for development purposes but not Central region where he was born

– The president has sought to clarify why he has always snubbed the region despite being his political stronghold

– Uhuru blamed leaders from the region among other things for his apparent snub

– He was addressing over 2000 leaders from the region in Nyeri after meeting governors at Sagana State Lodge 

President Uhuru Kenyatta has for the first time revealed why he always snubs his native central region as he tours many parts of the country.

Speaking in Nyeri after the conclusion of the national government and county government summit at the Sagana State Lodge, the head of state revealed that he normally snubs central because of the continued wrangles between leaders in the area.

The president lamented that he can’t visit the region because the fighting leaders are all his friends and are bound to pick a fight in front of him.

“I like to visit Central Kenya often but I have a problem. There is so much infighting between local leaders here and the problem is that all of the leaders are my friends. And whenever I visit, they fight in front of me,” Uhuru said as quoted by Citizen Digital.

Among the examples Uhuru gave to prove his excuse is the revival of the Mwea irrigation scheme which he believes has stalled because of the infighting amongst the leaders.

Uhuru, however, did not fail to promise the region goodies, among them being the solving of the perennial problem that coffee farmers in the region have had to struggle with.

The president promised that the government will form a committee which will look into the reasons why the coffee sector has stalled in the region with an aim to revive it.

“We will name a committee to look into the coffee issues next week but as the government tries to help you, you have to look into how coffee societies are managed. The government will do all that it can to make coffee a profitable crop again. If it means changing the laws on coffee licensing and controls so be it,” Uhuru promised.

Since his election, Uhuru has not visited the region for development purposes. The president has, however, been to central for funeral services like that of former Moi ally J.J Kamotho.

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