Why Your New Years Resolutions Won’t Last, and What To Do Instead

It’s already March. The year is moving along swiftly, but let’s rewind to December 31st 2015 for a moment shall we?

You know the drill. Almost every New Years eve we promise ourselves that THIS will be the year things change.

We even attempt to follow through on our good intentions. And then…life happens!

A couple of weeks or months into the year we are back to the status quo. Going through the motions with our good intentions buried deep in the recesses of our minds.

If I just described your scenario right now, know you are not alone. I feel you because I´ve been there too. Problem is for many of us, New Year´s resolutions  simply don’t work.

Tune in to hear 3 common, but ignored reasons why your 2016 resolutions may not last, and what to do instead. Then get your complimentary audio training on GOALS-Setting at

By Nancy Gathecha

Nancy Gathecha is an author, speaker, digital strategist, and podcast producer. Connect with her at


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