To Moi family-Those living in Glass houses should not throw stones”

Arap MoiAlthough for more than two decades President Moi considered himself a professor of Politics and an  acrobat of the game, he failed to understand one very important fact, “Those living in Glass houses should not throw stones”.
When Gideon Moi in a surprise move, went full throttle to strengthen the KANU Party and started to attack the second in command in Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta remained comfortable and relaxed because, Gideon’s father, ( President Moi ) had been Uhuru’s  friend, an adviser and a mentor for many years. He was therefore convinced and always hoped that at whichever stage he needed help to calm Gideon, he would beg President Moi to intervene and talk to his son.
But everything turned upside down a few weeks ago when President Moi said, and I quote. “Corruption in Kenya is getting out of hand, it should not be condoned anywhere”.
After this statement, President Uhuru Kenyatta must have turned to his Buddy ( Vice President William Ruto and said, “Mazee we are done, tumekwisha. Look at what the professor of Politics in Kenya has just said. He is now working hand in hand with his son to finish us”.
Moi’s statement must have driven President Uhuru Kenyatta crazy, owing to the fact that, he ( President Uhuru Kenyatta ) had total confidence in President Moi, trusted him and held him with very high regard and respect. He would never dream that President Moi would ever talk anything negative about the Jubilee Government. Little did he know that probably, the Professor of politics in Kenya, had a plan for his son. No doubt, with that kind of development, a safety net was very necessary in order to reduce or to stop  the speed at which Moi and his son were engaged. To both President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice President William Ruto, the only safety net with which they would tame or stop President Moi’s (the professor of Politics) momentum, was to “spill the beans and let the cat out”. 

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Following the spilling of the beans by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans now know what part President Moi and his family played in subjecting Kenyans into poverty and suffering, in his twenty four years of reign, and their ultimate roll in the corruption which rendered so many Kenyans poor and caused numerous unnecessary deaths of  innocent Kenyans.
Certainly, had Moi and his son Gideon not thrown the stones at the Jubilee Government, President Uhuru Kenyatta would not have spilled the beans to let the cat out. Whether this move by the Jubilee Government will stop the Moi family’s momentum against the Jubilee Government, or tame President Moi, the Professor of Politics in Kenya and his son Gideon, time will tell. Nevertheless, to the Moi family, this will remain a lesson, “never throw stones at other people if you live in a glass house, otherwise you will dig your own grave”.
Isaac Newton Kinity.

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