KTN’s Yvonne Okwara Schools Raila, Sakaja After US Trip


Yvonne OkwaraKTN senior news anchor Yvonne Okwara on Sunday sought to apparently school Kenyan leaders who attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, United States.

In her segment, My Take, Okwara questioned why politicians had not learnt anything from US politics despite attending such conventions that are highly regarded.

“The question must be asked. Why is it that after all these years of attending such meetings, the lofty ideas are yet to be transferred to Kenya’s political parties?” Okwara posed.

According to the news anchor, politicians always ensure their departure is felt across the country but upon returning to home, all they do is applaud the American electoral system but they don’t bring back changes.

“The politicians almost in a chorus were all praises for the great things the US political party system has to offer. But that is where the optimism ends. This is not the first time Kenyan politicians have graced such conventions; and they always make sure their departure to this jamboree is a big story here in Kenya,” she stated.

The journalist particularly narrowed down to ODM leader Raila Odinga, TNA Chairman Johnson Sakaja, Martha Karua of NARC Kenya and Musalia Mudavadi of Amani National Congress after their recent trip to the US.

On Mr Odinga, Okwara challenged him to use his experience to make a change in the running of politics in his party.

“Will Raila Odinga return with a new formula that takes his party beyond ethnic arithmetic to the politics of ideology?” she questioned.

The TNA chairman was not left behind as the news anchor sought to know how the highly praised speeches at DNC would positively transform the yet to be launched Jubilee Party.

“Is Johnson Sakaja coming back with a more enlightened vision of ensuring that the much-publicised Jubilee merger does not kill the spirit of political pluralism?” Ms Okwara queried.

She also challenged Mudavadi and former Presidential aspirant Martha Karua to be on top of their game and do things differently rather than wait to receive a presidential ticket on a silver platter.

Last week, the four leaders left the country for the Convention which was graced by US President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and former Head of State Bill Clinton who gave highly praised speeches.

The US has in the past been applauded by many for exercising mature politics devoid of tribalism compared to the Kenyan situation.


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  1. Chris says

    The is nothing they learn from these trips. Wastage of resources and time. The political system in the US is not perfect. It has its own flaws and therefore should not be copied as a model. let Kenyans grow their system organically. A system based on the local conditions and aspirations of Kenyans.
    Kenya copied the US constitution made for 50 states many of which a larger then Kenya by far. Look at the disaster that is happening in Kenya.

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