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7 Unsung Kenyan Heroes We Should Celebrate More

We have people who we look up to but sometimes we forget that some of our heroes are ordinary men and women who just make our days better.

We all have someone we look up to; someone who inspires us to be more, become more and do more to make the world a better place. Some of these great heroes include Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.

Coming closer home, we have our parents, teachers and spiritual guides who are like supermen in our eyes, but how many ordinary wananchi go unappreciated yet their daily efforts in the society can’t go without being noticed?

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Here are some unsung heroes who definitely deserve more applause for the work they do:

1. House helps.

After our mothers and guardians, most of us attribute our upbringing to our house helps. They spent most of their time raising us. If you were lucky enough, you got one who was patient & loving and you can stand proud and say that without them you wouldn’t be the person you are today.

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2. Our local’s ‘caretakers’.

We all have a local joint. It might be that kibanda you go to every lunch time or the pub you go to watch the game & cool off. Thing is, there’s always someone to take care of you. Whether it’s the owner, the bar tender or the waitress who serves you, they always make sure you leave that place happy and content.

willaim ruto kibanda

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3. Cleaners.

One of the most underrated group of heroes are cleaners. From the ladies who ensure that the office washrooms are spotless to the guys in the kitchen who always have tea ready for you to the people who have to clean your messes in club washrooms. These group of people goes through a lot in a day’s work, the least you can do is be polite, say hi and genuinely thank them for what they do.



4. Watchmen.

These men endure nail-biting cold to protect you and your household. They would at times go out of their way to warn you of your parents’ presence once you came home late or drunk. This is where the mischievous rebels in their early years of self-discovery should give a standing ovation to their watchis.

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5. Nduthi guys.

Despite the rising crime rate among some boda boda guys, those who are still honest and legit in their business deserve some form of appreciation for always going out of their way to make sure we get to where we need to go safe and sound. Same goes for your dependable cab guy.

Image courtesy: Njeri Gitahi


6. Mama Mboga.

Do you know what time these hard working women have to get up to get their produce? 3.00 a.m. for them to get the best farm produce by 4 a.m. They then spend all day selling their goods sometimes in the scorching sun, seated on the ground in town with their children on their backs. As much as some would argue that the women selling groceries in town should be evacuated due to congestion, we applaud their efforts in doing their best to provide for their families.



7. Sunday School teachers.

These are people who volunteer their services every Sunday to teach kids about God. The most amazing thing is that they are not paid but they have the patience of saints. Imagine that Sunday School teacher who has to keep the attention of 3-7-year-olds. It is not easy and yet they pour out love to those kids.

Image source: Africa tales

Who are your unsung heroes?

By: Rayhab Gachango


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