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VIDEO: Stop following me like I am your wife, Uhuru tells Joho

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during the commissioning of ferry services at the Mtongwe crossing channel in Mombasa, March 13, 2017. /PSCU

The President has asked Governor Hassan Joho to focus on Mombasa issues instead of following him around as if he (Uhuru Kenyatta) is his “wife”.

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Uhuru reiterated on Monday that Joho should showcase the development he has executed in the county using Sh40 billion devolved funds.

Speaking during the launch of Mtongwe ferry services, he dismissed allegations that the national government was scheming to starve the county of resources.

Exchanges between the two leaders escalated as Uhuru conducted a tour of the county to initiate development.

Other bones of contention include Jubilee and the Opposition’s fight to control the Coast and the establishment of a dry port in Mombasa. This is aimed at easing the movement of goods through the Standard Gauge Railway.

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“It is a sad thing to have leaders who don’t understand…don’t play with me….Mombasa is for everyone,” Uhuru said at Mtongwe.

“Why follow me? Why should we follow each other? I am not his wife,” he said.

The President said once again that Joho had done nothing for the people and was only hanging on to the national government’s coat.

“Clean the city. Do your job, don’t follow us. If he plays with us we will flog him,” Uhuru said.

He urged residents to be wary of those lying about the government not engaging local leaders.

Uhuru said he talks to Masoud Mwahima (Likoni MP), Salim Mvurya (Kwale Governor) and Naomi Shabban (Taita Taveta woman representative) on development matters.

“Let him (Joho) take chest wars elsewhere. We are peaceful people. We want peace and oneness,”he said.

The President said the national government has lined up projects worth Sh40 billion for the region for the next five years.

Regarding the channel, Uhuru said his administration was keen on ensuring the seamless flow of people and goods.

“We want traveling made easy between the mainland and island parts of Mombasa. We will introduce ramps to ease movement of vehicles as well,” he said.

The Governor was barred from attending the launch and later claimed he had been placed under house arrest pending Uhuru’s departure from Mombasa.

Joho said General Service Unit officers told him the President ordered that he should be denied access to the venue.


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  1. If this is true that he made this statement, then the real Donald Trump and Pres.Uhuru have something in common. Actually this is just free speech that any citizen should be able to enjoy as a right, but when others exercise their right to freedom of speech in this way, they suddenly become afraid of being arrested (and indeed warrants have been issued. I wonder why? Is there really free speech in Kenya or only for/by the President?

  2. Oh, I realize that this is not a real insult then, since it is the woman who is supposed to follow behind the man, right? I mean at least 10 steps behind him. Sorry, got my rights mixed up. It is actually the women who need rights, not either of these men. They can go wherever they want, when they want and never be asked where they were or why. But I guess the President’s statement could have been a real insult but only if it was reversed. 2’Stop following me around like you’re my wife.’ Now that would be more of a real insult. The way it is stated, actually is not an insult since at least he is not comparing Hassan to a woman. I mean that would be a real and deeply wounding insult to him. This way, it is a gentler and kinder sort of warning to ‘get off my back.’


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