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Kenyan woman seeks Sh3.5m from Italian man for cohabiting

A Kenyan woman has sued an ageing Italian man, with whom she has cohabited for 13 years, in a Malindi court. She is seeking Sh3.5 million from him.

The 34-year-old woman wants the money as compensation, claiming the man, 76, sexually exploited her and falsely promised to marry her.

However, the foreigner defended himself describing the woman as a gold-digger and a liar seeking to reap where she did not sow. He alleged that a will filed in courtshowing he had bequeathed his property to the woman is a forgery.

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Agnes Mutindi Kilonzo told the Malindi Senior Principal Magistrate Lucy Gicheha that Vittorio Cazzul allegedly sexually used her while lying that he would marry her.

Mutindi told the magistrate yesterday that she first met the Italian while celebrating her 20th birthday in Malindi.

Loss and damage

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“I remember it was during my birthday in 2000, when a friend I had invited came to the party accompanied by Vitorrio,” she told the court.

She claimed that after the party, the Italian told her he had fallen in love with her and after a series of meetings, they agreed to be lovers.

She claimed that besides the promises of marriage, Vittorio had promised to cater for her upkeep and that of her then two-year-old daughter.

“He requested me to leave my business on the promise that he would cater for all my basic needs and comforts and even made a will in March 2005, in which he bequeathed all his property to me and my daughter. But he has since withdrawn the support, causing me loss and damage,” she said.

Mutindi told the court that the two had cohabited for close to 13 years and they had also visited her rural home in Kangundo.

She produced in court clothes, a hat, two picture frames with the Italian’s photo and a gold chain, which she claimed he had left in her house as an indication that they lived together.

Also produced and filed in court was an affidavit, allegedly signed by Vittorio confirming the two had lived together for 12 years and also alleging that he had executed a will in her favour.

Strange claims

However, Vittorio disowned the affidavit and the alleged will saying he was not aware of them.  He claimed to know Mutindi as an acquaintance and casual friend and had at no particular time had sexual relations with her or promised her marriage.

He, however, confirmed the clothes produced in court were his but could not explain how she obtained them. He admitted to giving her a gold chain.

On the issue of visiting her home in Kangundo, the Italian said he used to help Mutindi’s daughter and had only travelled to her rural home to see the girl he was assisting.

Vitorrio and Mutindi’s lawyers are expected to present submissions on Thursday.

– The Standard

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