Kenya Elections: International Press Show Bias Against Uhuru Kenyatta

There is no question Kenyans are divided on who to support to be the next president. The race is predominantly a two-way race: Raila Odinga of ODM or NASA, however you want to categorize it, and Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee party. Historically, the role of the press is to present facts! To do due diligent to ensure that, that which they write in the newspapers or broadcast on radio and television is accurate and reflects reliable and actual events or facts that can be verified.

There is evidence however that the international media is biased against Uhuru Kenyatta. The case in point is the article by Bloomberg news which, writing a story on the Kenyan elections displays only the picture of Raila Ondinga as the only candidate! One picture speaks a thousand words. The intention was to make people think that Raila Odinga is the favorite or that he stands alone in the elections. This is blatant bias against Uhuru Kenyatta by the international media and it is sad!

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BBN TV Kenya

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