Come out and lets preach peace in Kawangware, Jubilee leaders tell NASA


Come out and lets preach peace in Kawangware, Jubilee leaders tell NASA

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 28 – Jubilee leaders led by Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria have accused the Opposition of inciting youths to cause violence within the cosmopolitan area of Kawangware.

The leaders argue that days after houses were burnt down in the area and property of unknown value destroyed, the area MP Simba Arati is yet to come out to condemn the incident.

Governor Waititu has challenged opposition leaders to preach peace in the area saying communities have for long co-existed peacefully before politicians incited them.

“The election is over. There is no need for violence,” Governor Waititu said. “Kenya is more important than anybody and what we only want is peace for the country to continue as one. For those breaking the law, let them know they shall be put to book.”

There has been rising tension in the area following pockets of demonstrations by NASA supporters, who did not want the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to undertake a repeat presidential election in Nyanza region.

Waititu appealed Jubilee supporters to reject violence and any attempt to launch retaliatory attacks, after the past aggression targeting them.

“It is your neighbour who matters most. Politicians are liars,” he asserted.

MP Kuria on his part says he is ready to accompany opposition leaders to the area, in a mission to preach peace among communities who have now turned against each other.

“Where is Simba Arati while Kawangware is burning?” he questioned.

“If he has nothing to do with the recent incidents, let come here and preach peace and at least comfort those who have been affected.”

Security has been heightened in the area, to ensure there is no more destruction of property.

“If you are a responsible leader, why are you not on the ground?” he wondered.

The leaders were speaking when they visited victims of post-election violence in the area.

-Imported Violence-

According to the leaders, criminal gangs who burnt the houses were brought from other slums within the City.

They say, “the groups were brought in buses to come and attack those who voted.”

Already, police are pursuing a Nairobi based politician accused of financing and funding gangs to cause violence in Kawangware, around Congo and Area 56.

The politician, according to detectives has been holding night meetings with the leaders of the gangs in one of the posh estates in Nairobi, where he not only pay them but also issues directives.

“We are looking for him,” the senior detective told Capital FM News.

-The hidden hand of politics-

“It is politically instigated,” those were the firm words of Pastor John Mirung’u, a resident of Kawangware for more than 40 years.

He says the area is highly cosmopolitan and all the residents have one thing in common, “they are all living a humble life.”

“It is politicians who are planning the violence which started as a simple demonstration against repeat elections in the areas the IEBC had postponed…not even issues about here but politics of other regions.”

And according to him, there is no animosity between communities “but the evil hand of politicians is to blame. They want to create a sharp tribal division to gain what is not clear among locals.

“Those who voted did it without any interference, while their brothers and sisters who boycotted respected that. Where is all this hatred coming from? It has been planted by the politicians.”

His appeal to the Government is; “arrest those inciting youths to turn against each other.” 



Come out and lets preach peace in Kawangware, Jubilee leaders tell NASA 

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