Dennis Itumbi confesses to shoplifting from supermarket


Everyone has that one thing they did in the past that they are embarrassed of.

Dennis Itumbi, the Senior Director of Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication in the president’s office has confessed to shoplifting.

In a post titled Pastors Moment, Mr Itumbi revealed that he shoplifted perfumes from a particular supermarket.

According to Itumbi, he would walk into the supermarket with a shopping basket and map out the security points.

“It was easy. Walk in with basket, pretend to be shopping and in the process mark all security points” he stated.

After locating the positions of the security personnel, he would then make a second round, picking at least three perfumes before handing them to an accomplice waiting outside the supermarket.

Mr Itumbi further intimated that he shoplifted three times a week for at least three months.

However, his goose was cooked when he was caught stealing. “I was caught red handed, taken upstairs and beaten by shop assistants” he stated.

“I am avoiding a few other embarrassing things I had to do so as to atone for my sin,” added Mr Itumbi.

According to Itumbi, he went back to the supermarket later on and asked for an invoice so as to pay back what he had stolen.

The manager however dismissed him with a smile and stated, “go young man and shoplift no more.”

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