Corridors Of Power: What is happening To Alfred Keter

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What could be happening to former Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter (pictured) who lost a court case during an election petition? The hitherto vocal politician has just gone quiet ever since the court made the judgment. He was known to be unapologetic and outspoken on many issues. Could he be planning a major political storm in Deputy President William Ruto’s backyard, especially after he vowed not to appeal the ruling? Or could he be working vigorously behind the scenes to endear himself to the DP as he battles to recapture the seat? Well. These are some of the questions his supporters are asking as the by-election appears nigh.


  A senior MP from the Rift Valley has become a menace at a lucrative parastatal. The two-term lawmaker has been making frequent visits to the CEO’s office on Fridays. Just what exactly is the MP up to? Why must he visit the office only on Fridays and not any other day of the week? Well, employees of the state corporation are wondering if the MP could be part of a cartel fleecing the agency of taxpayers’ money. Some of the employees have threatened to accost him along the corridors and openly enquire into his mission after the CEO voiced his concern a few days ago.

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  Are some members of a parliamentary watchdog committee scheming to solicit money from a state agency to protect selfish interests spearheaded by a contractor? Corridors is aware two members of the committee made frantic calls to an agency within the infrastructure sector, claiming they would protect it when it faces the committee in the next couple of days. The legislators pushed for the release of millions of shillings to oil the cover up plot but they were surprised by the turn of events after they received a call from ‘above’ warning them against touching a live wire.


  Residents of Sunton in Kasarani, Nairobi, are plotting a major rebellion against what they say is harassment by a cartel of police officers collecting bribes from business owners as early as 6.30pm. While the police’s responsibility at such an hour is to carry out patrols to fend off any security threats, those from Sunton police post and Kasarani police station have made their patrols a cash cow. They move from one club to another soliciting Sh100 ‘protection fee’. Residents are wondering if the Interior ministry is aware of this money, which, seemingly, is not receipted.

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