Irish Ambassador rides Mkokoteni in Makueni, excites social media


Irish Ambassador rides Mkokoteni in Makueni, excites social media

Irish Ambassador rides Mkokoteni in Makueni, excites social mediaThe Irish ambassador to Kenya Vincent O’Neill is the subject of discussion on social media after he was spotted riding on a mkokoteni drawn by oxen while on his way to open a school in Makueni County.

According to the tweets O’Neill posted on his handle, he was on a mission to St Patrick’s Primary School Kawese, a school supported by Irish organization Kenya Child Foundation, but faced difficulty accessing the institution.

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O’Neill posted that the ongoing rains had rendered the roads in the area impassable but the situation was not going to hinder him from visiting the school.

He ditched his ‘red number plate’ cars and rode on an ox cart to the excitement of social media users.

“Privileged to open wing of St Patrick’s Primary School Kawese, Mukeini County today following support from Irish organization Kenya Child Foundation. Access to the school difficult due to recent rains/muddy road no problem via Ox Cart,” posted O`Neil.

These are some of the reactions from Kenyans on the matter…




Photo of the Year: Ireland Ambassador to Kenya riding on this mkokoteni to open up a school in Makueni. Cc @PhilipOgola BlessUp to the Ambassador en Co @Kiss100Kenya @ADELLEO



It’s both. He would have decided it to ride in the unroadworthy vehicle or the poor road. But he chose to. On the other side the government needs to wake up.



Did he explicitly ask to ride on the mkokoteni on a muddy ‘road’ because he is a humble man, or was he forced to do so by the fact that someone somewhere has been elected by constituents & is sitting on taxpayer’s money meant to tengeneza a proper road for the common mwananchi??


Kartridges Kenya Ltd@KartridgesL

As someone who knows @VincentONIRL I can honestly say it would have been the former he is an Ambassador who is humble caring and loves his role here in Kenya. Not a career politician but a medical doctor we’re empathy and care are always forefront in his actions and words


John Gateru@Gateru

This is the only photo of Kenya that will be shared by Irish media


Irish Ambassador rides Mkokoteni in Makueni, excites social media

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