William Samoei Ruto: The undisputed political guru of our time

Five reasons why Kenya will not have a Deputy President like William Ruto for a long time

Five reasons why Kenya will not have a Deputy President like William Ruto for a long time:If man is a political animal then DP William Samoei Ruto is a Political Lion. He’s the undisputed political guru of our time.

He’s metamorphosised from a political mobilizer (Y2K) to top national leadership successfully over the last two decades. Thanks to his determination, discipline and focus. Like him or hate him he’s destined for political greatness. Some of his outstanding traits that have seen him “overtake” political oldies and newbies to be the most likely candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta are; 

1. Religiosity 

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. William Ruto knows this too well. His strong faith and unwavering believe in almighty God have seen him rise from humble beginnings to presidency level… and presidential material level. That’s not an average achievement. It requires God’s favor, grace and blessings to attain such trajectory. His wife has been very supportive in matters faith; reason why the DP’s star continues to shine. His wife has publicly been his spiritual pillar.

2. Political Wit/Education

His political mastery and grasp of real issues have enabled him to engage Kenyans convincingly. His oratory prowess (a combination of substance and humor) have endeared him to many. Not many of his rivals can gather similar talent. The Deputy President is not a man of mean academic achievement; he is almost completing his PhD, Anthropology. This supports the adage, “A leader should be a reader.”

3. Endurance 

Owing to his firm faith and focus, William Ruto has survived tough political storms. He’s survived indictment/trial at the International Criminal Court, insubstantial graft allegations, political witch-hunt and malicious party politics among many tests. It requires God’s grace, strength, sobriety and unending courage to overcome such.

4. Workaholic

Arguably, since independence the office of the Deputy President of Kenya (formerly Vice President) has never been busy as witnessed during his stint in the office. William Ruto’s diary is ever busy characterized by project launches, unity/consensus molding amongst communities/leaders, church services, fundraisers and development summits. All this is in tandem with Jubilee government’s Big Four agenda; Food security, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Affordable Healthcare for all.

5. Determination 

William Ruto’s political trajectory is an epitome of dedication, confidence in self, vast network and hard work. His rise and rise is a great motivation to all Kenyans from humble beginnings; a peasant’s child can become whatever they put their mind to!


Uhuru Kenyatta succession is shaping up by day. William Ruto is a front runner. His ever growing network across the country is vast. Ceteris Paribus he’s going to succeed his boss and bosom buddy.

By Charles Muchangi Wambogo (Bazenga)


Source The Standard Newspaper

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