PHOTOS: Youngest PhD holder in Kenya weds with Sh350,000 budget


Kenya’s youngest PhD holder Dr. Purity Ngina is finally off the market! Dr. Ngina said ‘I do’ to Germano Ritcher Mugambi on Friday 22 February in a colorful wedding.

Purity Ngina made headlines last year after she attained her Ph.D. in Biomathematics from Strathmore University at the age of 28.

During an interview with Edaily, Dr Ngina said that her wedding only cost Sh350,000 since she and her partner did not want to bother people with harambees or do a big wedding just to show off.

“My partner and I did not want to bother people with harambees, neither did we want to hold a big wedding in a bid to show off. Growing up, I was taught to live according to my means. Of course, we could afford a more expensive ceremony, but again, I am fully cognizant of a future that lies ahead of us. Life doesn’t start and stop on wedding day,” she said.

With that budget, Dr. Ngina and her groom managed to feed 42 people who attended the wedding.

“With the budget of Ksh350, 000, Ksh123, 000 went to food, which we bought at Safari Park Hotel. That was enough to feed the 42 people, who attended our nuptials. My wedding gown cost Ksh40, 000; and I thought that that was quite much, given I am used to wearing mtumba clothes,” she added.

The two first met in 2009 at Egerton University while studying, lost touch and met three years later in Germany where Germano was pursuing his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Purity was on a study scheme as part of her PhD programme.

Purity’s journey of education was not smooth. She was faced by a number of challenges and still managed to succeed.

“My journey has been a myriad of challenges but there has always been light at the end of the tunnel. The most challenging part of life was achieving primary and high school education. Starting school with no shoes let alone school fees, it was a hustle meeting basic needs. University was smoother since I managed to get a student loan from HELB. To augment the loan, we called Harambee whose proceeds cushioned me. These challenges have actually been the reason I have worked hard. I hated the type of life we were leading. Poverty, it is said, can be dehumanizing,” said Purity during an interview with The Standard.

Dr. Ngina who attained 235 out of 500 marks in KCPE, was given a scholarship to study for her Master’s Degree, which she did before moving to Strathmore for her PhD.

Congratulations once again Purity!

Source The Standard Newspaper

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