Homeless Kenya Woman in US appeals for help


A homeless Kenyan woman in the US who introduces herself as Margaret Wanjau is appealing for help get a job after being discharged from hospital. In a video clip posted on Samrack WhatsApp group in the US, which does not give details of her precise location, she also appeals for shelter.

“She has been discharged but has no place to stay,” says the lady who filmed her inside what appears to be a hospital ward.

“She has an ID and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) licence but she lost her job authorization card,” says the lady. “So we are appealing to anyone who can offer her some legal advice to come forward,” she adds.

This comes just two days after a Kenyan Newspaper, The Daily Nation, ran a story titled “How things fall apart for Kenyans in the US,” which painted a grim picture of the life some Kenyans lead in the “Land of the Free.”

In the article, former University of Nairobi lecturer Omari Onyango says various circumstances force some Kenyans to continue living in the US even when it harms their well-being.
“There are those who have tried to find either meaningful employment or a viable business in Kenya before they can relocate. Both are difficult to come by for various reasons,” said Dr Onyango, who runs a dental clinic in Los Angeles, California. If you would like to get in touch with the lady, make your comments in the appropriate section below this article. You can also get in touch with the lady who recorded the video @ 410 258 8010

Video by bmjmureithi

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