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Atlanta Majuu: The Audacity To Maintain Culture In Diaspora

A few years back, Kenyans from all walks of life used to converge in Atlanta during Memorial day weekend and the merry making would continue non-stop for three days.

The Atlanta Majuu has somehow replaced the craze and with time, it will be the next big thing for we foresee a future where all Kenyans in USA, will come to Atlanta not to make merry through boozing and dancing, but to witness their long forgotten cultures and traditions.

It is a cultural  festival ceremony where the KACC Church in Marietta, allow Kenyans to display what they are good at may it be business, writing, prayers, acting, talents, traditional dressing to even making soup.

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You experience everything you miss in Kenya as traditional delicacies are prepared as you watch.

It is a time to bring your children to see their culture that is slowly dying and in a way, it’s like reviving “dreams from our fathers”. A time to even listen to old folklore granny’s stories.

The festival define and symbolizes who we are as Kenyans and more fulfilling, it is done with upright moral traditional values aimed at teaching good behaviors to our children that we are raising here in America.

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The festivals teaches them through songs, attires and dances,.. the slowly dying Kenyan cultures that defines our traditional values.

The same is not done by one tribe, but by KENYANS with varied Kenyan cultures.

The Church is headed by the Charismatic and most eloquent Preacher many know as Pastor GG but his full names are REV. DR. Pastor George  Gitahi.

Dr. Gitahi who is a Professor of Anthropology, stresses the importance of the youth to appreciate their cultural roots as they act and dance while wearing Kenyan traditional attires. The festivals inform, educates, inspires and entertains those in attendance. The displays mesmerizes those who will be experiencing the Kenyan African Culture for the for the first time.

The church is somehow not like the mainstream Churches that we have in Kenya but one that is full of diversity so that it can accommodate anyone from Catholic, Presbyterian , Anglican and other denomination as all Kenyans assemble and worship there as Kenyan American Community Church.

The church according to our source currently has a membership of 850 and still rising and at any one time over 400 church members assemble for worship every Sunday while many others observe proceedings online.

It is the largest Kenyan Church in North American whose membership could even be higher than recorded.

This year the church has gone to an extra mile to include a cruise to Bahamas and also possibly have the famous Kenyan comedians “Churchill Show” to perform.


DATE : APRIL 26, 27, AND 28


Ecclesiastes 3:12-13… I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man.

We in Kenyan Parents in USA fully support the ATLANTA MAJUU





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