Stop spreading HIV to innocent people as revenge – HIV+ woman urges

Hamah Nsubuga

Hamah Nsubuga, a Ugandan woman who went public about her HIV status, has urged those living with the virus to stop spreading it in the name of revenge.

Nsubuga tested positive in January 2018 and admitted that it was not easy to accept her condition.

At the time, her CD4 count was extremely low and her health had deteriorated.

She started taking Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) which she refers to as sweets due to the impact they have had in her life.

“Yes am taking my Arvs, my sweets and am so happy because my viral load is now suppressed and this goes to HIV positive people stop living in denial, accepted your status, take your medicine and adhere it, eat health food, take a lot of water love yourself because self-love is the best.

“Stop spreading to innocent people in name of revenge and remember there is reinfection, don’t make it your fault because being HIV positive is not the end of your life always learn to leave a positive life and lastly make God your best friend everything will be nice for you,” she said.

Nsubuga further urged people to go for regular blood tests and use protection.

“Remember to keep your life safe because Arvs are not curable, always go for blood test, don’t trust people with their looks HIV is real, stop multiple partners, use protection and stop stigmatizing the positive people.

“If you still have a chance use it…taking these drugs every day it’s not easy my dear and not everyone that it will work for you.

“I decided not to spread the virus to innocent people and I came out for many who can’t just know HIV is not a death sentence, I love my self and I live a normal life,” she said.

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Source The Standard Newspaper

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