Esther Passaris Bashed by KOT for supporting same-sex marriage

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Esther Passaris Bashed by KOT : On Friday Nairobi County Woman representative took to Twitter to express her opinion over the emotive issue of same-sex marriage.

In her post on her Twitter wall, she said: “I choose not to judge. Who are we to deny two consenting adults the joy of love and sex? It’s time for us to live and let live. I wouldn’t want to see any LGBTIQ+ Kenyan killed or thrown in jail just for being different”

The post came at a day when the High Court of Kenya ruled that same-sex marriage and relationships remain illegal and a criminal offence.

Though the post did not categorically illustrate that she supports same-sex marriage, many of her Twitter followers reacted to it in a manner that was incriminating her for supporting what they thought to be “uncouth and against the norms of Kenyan societies.”

Esther Passaris Bashed by KOT :

Here is a a snippet of how angry Kenyans reacted to his post.

Samson Okuto

Not judging, I also judge not, but LOVES THEM, however, I condemn it, MUM, its A SIN!! AND SUCH FRIENDS WILL BURN IN HELL. (They shouldn’t be killed, nonetheless). There’s only one option 4 them, Christ, or else. We can’t bend that low for Satan’s soothing!


Will u attend a wedding of your cute daughter being married with another gal from somewhere else??! Answer me then we can talk

Karen Tanui

Africans and especially Kenya as a the country we are people of culture and tradition…it is against the law of God and nature…if someone is attracted to the same sex, then they need prayers because the evil spirits are at work,

John @kimenyi

@EstherPassaris For a morally upright leader n a sober mind person, some practices r better condemned. Don’t let me feel like I lost my vote for U! Yea they have a right as per ua view but take uarself in the shoes of their families. Would U b okay to see your kids go that route?


Wait until your son comes home with another man and introduce him as his husband. That’s when you’ll realize that shit hurts. Personally, I have no issues with what “two consenting” adults choose to do. Personally, I wouldn’t encourage such a thing in my house.

Mahad Abdirahman

Mheshimiwa this one we are not boarding…We have to uphold our true African culture

Source The Standard Newspaper

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