Kenya Village Voices: A Prayer for William Ruto


Kenya Village Voices: A Prayer for William Ruto

Kenya Village Voices

There is no question someone is trying to sideline Deputy president William Ruto. But whether it is the international community globalists or their alias working with some Kenyan politicians and other groups to sideline his move to state house, or certain clicks of Kenyan elites, is another story. But it is clear that they do not want Ruto to become president. Though he does not fall under the ‘class’ of the kind of president that these global maniacs want to run Kenya, Ruto understands the state of the Kenyan society, especially the plight of the villager. And the villager sees his genuine empathy. His problem is the perception by some that he is corrupt.

The definition of a globalist is that outlook espousing the theory that political, economic and religious organization should be global and not national. On the political and economical sphere, globalism seeks the eradication of the nation-state or at least its subjugation under a regional or global state: President Kenyatta is making Kenya an East Africa Community State. On the religious front, globalism seeks a convergence of the great world religions toward a global ecumenism.

United Nations and the European union push these ideologies. Their agenda is against William Ruto’s philosophical stand. If we go back to history, Ruto was against the new constitution. He knew that those who were pushing for the new Kenyan constitution were Kenyans who did not have independence of thought, and that their agenda was not driven by historical development of Kenyan political, social, and cultural ideals. They were servants of globalism and the interest of Kenya was not their driving principle.

To do this, United Nations creates all kinds of agreements. Then they threaten Africans with all kinds of sanctions. The very existence of the international criminal court is an example of the ideals that globalists propagate. The push to control African population results in these organizations pushing for what they call women’s health: this is a code name for control of women’s ability to give birth, abortion and the education of women against giving birth.

The reason why these groups and other globalists do not like William Ruto is because he is an evangelical Christian. The historical development of the Christian faith and its doctrine stands in the way of many of their agendas. The Bible proposes a divine instituted mandate that declares pro-creation something GOOD and necessary for human survival. In this case, God decreed that man and woman would come together as one and from that children would be born: That they will be raised within a family unit. A child is seen within the potential of becoming. That the parents were themselves un-born beings who became parents. Therefore eliminating an unborn child is eliminating humanity.

The other way in which Christianity is incompatible with globalism is the idea that Gender is a divine category. God created male and female within exclusivity with special reference to each. The global idea sees this category as a roadblock for eliminating the ideal of masculinity, which, in their view makes African men dominance and subjugate women into giving birth. If African men are robbed off their masculinity and adopt a more female stature (become gay) then this will result in women taking more role and thus controlling their own destiny: The woman right to chose, the woman right to not marry or get children. They frame these ideals as freedoms and rights that democratic states like Kenya should adopt.

The current leadership within the United Nations and European Union are very happy with president Uhuru Kenyatta. His welcome to the G20 meetings and other international meetings is to make him one of them. The recent act of Kenyatta worshipping in a mosque is his way of declaring that there is no difference between Christianity and other religions. That all religions lead to God.

In eliminating the exclusivity of the Gospel of Christ, globalism hopes to remove the evangelical idea that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, which must be obeyed. In that world without Christianity there is no divine mandate for any human category. In that world, man is but another animal whose status and life is to be determined by human programs and survival than an eternal principle of GOOD. Donald Trump’s embrace of evangelicals short-circuited their movement in America and the world!

Being an Evangelical Christian, Ruto would stand against their agenda and for that reason they will fight his movement towards Kenya’s presidency. He however benefits from the fact that the villager is without knowing evangelical and their prayers, not their idealism or philosophy will guide their vote.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)

HT Bluff Associates


Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

Kenya Village Voices: A Prayer for William Ruto


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