Pastor James Ng’ang’a: Why people still come to my church


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Pastor James Ng’ang’a: Why people still come to my church: Neno Evangelism Centre founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has responded after a clip of him threatening male congregants in his church went viral.

The preacher blamed the series of negative videos being shared on former members of his church who are now in ‘rival churches’.

Further, he maintained that members of his church know him well and that is why they still go back despite all the stones thrown at him.

“My followers know me and that is why they still come to my church. I have so many followers, including women, and I would not, on any day, humiliate any,” he said.

The clergyman defended his preaching style saying pastors cannot be the same.

“We cannot be similar, kwani sisi ni meno? My people love me and they keep wondering what is wrong with haters because they were in the sermon and did not have any problem with [sic],” he said.

On Tuesday, male congregants of his church demanded an apology from the clergyman following derogatory remarks he made about their reproductive organs.

Through Otieno and Amisi advocates, they stated that they would take legal action and sue for defamation.

They also accused Ng’ang’a of insulting them by referring to them as cows, which according to the advocates, loosely translates to ‘foolish’.

The congregants further stated that the preacher demeaned their sexual organs in the full glare of the media and womenfolk.

The advocates asked the preacher to withdraw the threats within two days and publish an apology in the dailies or face the law.

Pastor Nganga lecture his worshippers” Anointing oil is mine, I can decide not to anoint you and you will do nothing”

Source The Standard Newspaper

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