Pastor James Ng’ang’a Comments on Laboso’s Cancer Ignites Fire


Pastor James Ng’ang’a Comments on Laboso’s Cancer Ignites Fire: Controversial Nairobi Pastor, James Ng’ang’a, of the Neno Evangelism Centre, sparked online outrage, on Tuesday, after he alleged that he would have prevented the death of the late Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso, if she had sought out his divine intervention.

“I went to a Kajiado crusade and prayed for someone who had cancer. His whole jaw had been ‘eaten off’. People were even asking why I did not pray for Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso. If she would have come to me I would have prayed for her,” Ng’ang’a proclaimed while speaking to Massawe Japani at Radio Jambo.

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The city preacher went on to claim that he had performed several tremendous miracles and refuted claims that cancer must be declared a national menace.

The late Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso

“I prayed for a woman who had dialysis for 8 years. You have also seen a video of me with a woman who had cancer. That is why I cannot support cancer to be declared a national disaster. Let us pray,” Ng’ang’a echoed.

This tickled Massawe to probe as to why he had not visited the sick so as to rescue them from the jaws of death.

“I do not go to hospitals to pray for people. Don’t they know where my church is?” Ng’ang’a quizzed.

Ng’ang’a’s assertions did not go well with angry Kenyans who tore down into the controversial preacher, accusing him of falsehood and malice.

“It is good that she did not come because you would have stolen in the name of the Lord by cheating her and she would eventually die according to God’s plan,” Kenneth Chevuche ranted.

“He had a paralysed wife as well why didn’t he heal her?” Lynne Mmbuka aggressively questioned.

Reactions to Ng’ang’a’s comments

“We know you are fake,” James Kimeu added.

Here are other outrageous reactions on the pastor’s comments.

A screenshot of reactions to the pastor’s comments
More reactions to Laboso’s comments

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