Open lies?? Why Senator Isaac Mwaura apologized over this photo


Open lies?? Why Senator Isaac Mwaura apologized over this photoOpen lies?? Why Senator Isaac Mwaura apologized over this photo: Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has apologised after his communications team allegedly lifted a picture from Deutsche Welle website showing a boy living with albinism addressing his age-mates in a manner suggesting he was the leader of the group comprising seven children.

The picture was uploaded to the German outlet’s online platform on January 29, 2017.

Deutsche Welle titled their story — in which the picture was used as the thumb image — as “Zambian albinos call for end to brutality”.

And, on Thursday, September 26, 2019, Isaac Mwaura used the same picture on his Facebook page (Hon. Dr Isaac Mwaura CBS MP), and claimed he began his leadership journey at a tender age.

“I started addressing a political gathering at the age of 4 years. A great #TBT in 1986 at Githunguri, Kiambu County,” read Senator Mwaura’s Facebook post.

Kenyans on social media were, however, quick to point out that the picture had been lifted from the Deutsche Welle website, and that the boy he claims to be him, is not even Kenyan, but Zambian.

And, now Senator Isaac Mwaura says that it wasn’t him who uploaded the image to his official Facebook page. He claims his Facebook administrator did so without consulting him.

The senator says he learnt about the mistake seven hours later after it happened, given he is in the US on official duty, and that the time differences between Kenya and USA couldn’t allow him to notice the mistake immediately it happened.

Taking to his personal Facebook account (Mwaura Isaac Maigua) on Thursday evening, Mwaura said: “Many times those who work with us do a terrific job to pass our message out there, and people are able to appreciate what we do to make a change. We get the credit for it.

“Yet, at times they don’t get it right.

“I was surprised to wake up in New York, 7 hours behind to get inboxes about a photo that I took while young in 1986.

“Yes, I was in nursery school and a class prefect in 1987, and this could have inspired my team to use a wrong photo that wasn’t mine to pass the message. Apologies for that. There is always a better way to do a #TBT.

“My team always does a good job, save for incidences like these,” said the senator.

His Facebook post drew mixed reactions, with a section of users accepting his apology, whereas another faction finding it hard to believe his statement.

Ruth Njuguna said: “Senator, this is unfortunate. It shouldn’t be happening.”

Anniz Anyango said: “Senator, we know you are the one who uploads posts on your social media pages. Stop giving flimsy excuses.”

Levi otieno said: “Just wipe the egg off your face and walk straight on, shoulders high. Stop pinning it on your team which essentially takes instructions from you.”


Open lies?? Why Senator Isaac Mwaura apologized over this photo


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