The Hullabaloo about TD Jakes $700 Dinner Ticket-Our poverty mentality

The Hullabaloo about TD Jakes $700 Dinner Ticket-Our poverty mentalityThe Hullabaloo about TD Jakes $700 Dinner Ticket-Kenyan poverty mentality: For the past two weeks all I have been seeing on Kenyans timelines is about TD Jakes in Kenya and how he is charging $700 to speak. But like we always do, we pick up a narrative online and run with it like we are experts on it and start advising in the matter and pointing mistakes.  Now allover a sudden all Kenyans have become motivational speakers and know how much to charge.
  T. D Jakes has been invited to deliver a keynote at a summit organized by safaricom and KCB together with other keynote speakers he is not on church business and the summit is for willing buyer;  to speak at SOAR Africa Leadership and Entrepreneurship summit.
   Jakes is also an entrepreneur a business man and author of several books. What has your pastor done, nothing? Jakes is not one of those preacher that fail academically drops out class 6 and start preaching at a corner street or in buses because they have failed in  everything else in life and eventually picks up a small crowd sets up a church to preach false hope while taking all you have then false you all to call him dad and his wife mom. No, Jake’s has achieved something through education and hardwork he is a scholar, a businessman and last a preacher.
   We Africans will never progress because we are bound by poverty mentality. Our African pastors and politicians have inflicted the poverty mentality to our people so they can continue believing, worshiping and adoring them for false hope. That’s how they survive.
   You will continue going to the same pastor for the rest of your life and he or she will continue yelling at you “receive receive ” while you give him all your offering because poverty mentality is in you and you believe he is the only one that will help you. You will continue yelling back at him “I RECEIVE I RECEIVE” for the rest of your life because you have poverty mentality in you.
    You will continue voting and putting people in office from your tribe every time because they have inflicted poverty mentality in you and you believe “mtu wetu”  is the only one that will deliver you to richness and believe others will enrich their tribes. But 10 elections have passed put mtu wenyu back in office 10 times but you still sell sukuma wiki and sugar canes at the same corner street I saw you at 10 years ago. But that’s how we do it. We have poverty mentality.
  One of my great mentors is an astronaut and a very great preacher as well. Jerry Falwell is my other great mentor and one of the greatest preachers of our times oh he is also the founder of the largest Christian University in the World which I am attending for my PhD; so preachers are entrepreneurs and CEOs as well. But our mentality has led us to believe that preachers have nothing else to offer.
  Anyway the tickets sold out as soon as they went on sale but you, the one with the poverty mentality is complaining like someone came at your door and forced you to buy those tickets.
  Nevertheless, am here wondering why are you complaining..if you come to think about it; you are complaining not because the summit was charged $700 its because other people were able to afford it and you cannot afford it. Most people that complain about expensive things in real sense they complain because others are getting them and not them. Instead of complaining to their God and tell him to make sure that next time you want to be able to afford expensive things. But that cannot happen because your pastor and politician has put that poverty mentality in you and already explained to you the things you are supposed to afford and the things not meant for you because “wewe ni mwananchi mnyenyekevu and mshirika mnyenyekevu”.
  This league is not yours brother and sister stop complaining if you can’t afford just go and listen to Nganga or who ever you call “Dad or mom on Sundays” and you will be just fine.


By John G. Wairimu 


The Hullabaloo about TD Jakes $700 Dinner Ticket-Our poverty mentality

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  1. Mathew Kimanzi says

    I beg to differ with every expressed by John G Wairimu. he sounded like an overfed person in America on charity scholarship.
    there is no justification under heaven for any one to charge 700 dollars per plate even if that meal was nectar and ambroci, or even mannah.Nothing precludes an entreprenuer, and a saved one for that matter, from being considerate to poverty stricken humans. Your arguments are so pedestrian they don’t attract any better intellectual response, you must be doing PHD in prosperity gospel and celestial entrepreneurship. Must we capitulate to capitalism to please human fleesers? Hapana tambua

  2. SNM says

    Boring article I couldnt finish reading many words saying nothing, I believe you are no better than those you are criticizing. COME OUT OF IT, SOUND STUCK.

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